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Take advantage of this groundbreaking marine environmental awareness computer based training, developed by the maritime industry experts in environmental regulatory compliance, education and training: the North American Marine Environmental Protection Association (NAMEPA), Liberian Registry, ProSea Marine Education and Maritime Training Services.
This Marine Environmental Awareness Computer Based Training program contains important familiarization and knowledge that seafarers and shoreside staff require in this era of strict environmental compliance and oversight. The topics range from the complexity and diversity of the marine environment, marine ecology, impact of shipping on the environment, environmental impacts of shipboard waste, discharges and spills, environmental regulations, environmental compliance plans, environmental management systems, sustainable shipping and the role of the human element in pollution prevention.
The course is based on the IMO model course 1.38 and meets the requirements of STCW Chapter VI. Liberia will issue a special qualification (SQ) certificate in Basic Environmental Awareness to anyone who completes the course and sends in an application with his or her training certificate. Seafarers will receive an SQ sticker to put in their Seafarer’s Identification & Record Books. Shoreside personnel and cruise ship crew will be issued an SQ card.


Who will gain by taking this course? 

  • All seafaring and port industry personnel
  • All office personnel engaged in the maritime industry
  • All port and waterfront communities who want to reduce human impacts on our waterways and oceans
  • Anyone interested in protecting the marine environment

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In recent years, it has become apparent that maritime companies, ships, and ports are not adequately protected from security threats. IMO has issued a resolution giving shipowners and managers until 2021 to incorporate cyber-risk management into their ship safety plans. And the Liberian Registry has taken the typically proactive approach for which it has become renowned by launching a Cyber and Ship Security Computer Based Training which provides a comprehensive overview of cyber-security issues as well as advice on best practice pertaining to piracy, stowaways and general ship security.
The Cyber and Ship Security training contains important familiarization and knowledge that seafarers and shoreside staff require when working with vessels – from new threats such a cyber-security, as well as best practices pertaining to piracy, stowaways and general ship security. The sea has always been a potentially hazardous and dangerous working environment. This state-of-the-art training will improve maritime safety and security knowledge and reduce risk to seafarers, vessels and companies.

  imageCyber and Ship Security CBT Flyer

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