Certification Services Department

The Certification Services Department is responsible for issuing and validating documents and certificates which ensure the fleet’s compliance with IMO regulations and maintain the high quality standards for which the Liberian Registry is world renown. This department assists clients in obtaining the following certificates:

  • Bunker Civil Liability Convention, 2001 (BCLC)
  • Civil Liability Convention, 1992 (CLC)
  • Wreck Removal Certificate (WRC)
  • Continuous Synopsis Records (CSR)
  • Minimum Safe Manning Certificates (MSMC)
  • Radio Licenses

Liberian flagged ships and owners of ships registered in non-convention States can obtain WRC, BCLC and/or CLC liability certificates through the Registry’s online certification facility, WayPoint.

Please submit all requests for other kinds of certificates and completed forms by email to vesselcertificates@liscr.com.

Civil Liability Certificates (BCLC/CLC)

The Certifications Services Department issues Civil Liability Certificates for Liberian flagged vessels and for vessels flagged in States that are not Parties to the Bunker Convention on Civil Liability, 2001 and the Civil Liability Convention, 1992. In order to obtain the certificates, the evidence of insurance or other financial security must be provided, such as a blue card issued by the vessel’s P&I Club. The P&I Club must be recognized by the Liberian Administration and must be issued in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001 or Article VII of International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, 1992, respectively. Electronic copies of blue cards are accepted. Also needed is the shipping address for sending the hard copy of the certificate, and if the vessel is not flagged in Liberia, proof of payment prior to the issuance of the certificate.

To apply online for a BCLC and/or CLC liability certificate, please visit https://waypoint.liscr.com.

The Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007 (WRC)

The Certification Services Department also issues certificates confirming compliance with the new Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007 (WRC) to Liberian-flagged ships and for ships registered in States that are not Party to the WRC.

The Convention allows shipowners with ships registered in States that are not Party to the WRC the right to choose the State Party they want to issue WRC certificates, regardless of non-party recommendations. Certificates issued by Liberia for non-Liberian registered vessels not party to the Convention will be recognized by port state authorities.

Applicants will receive electronic certificates by email. Clients can alternatively request a hard copy of the certificate. All registry certificates are verifiable online.

To apply online for a WRC liability certificate, please visit https://waypoint.liscr.com.

Continuous Synopsis Record Certificates (CSR)

As required by SOLAS XI-1/5.4.3, vessels are required to have a CSR issued by the flag Administration. The CSR includes all amendment forms and indexes that provide updated and current information and the history of CSR changes. The CSR shall remain on board for the duration of the vessel’s active life. The CSR is intended to provide an on-board record of the history of the ship, including the following:

  • Vessel's port of registration
  • Owner’s name
  • Vessel’s name  
  • Safety management Company’s Name  
  • Vessel’s class society  
  • Administration or Recognized Organization issuing the Company’s Document of Compliance and/or Safety Management Certificate
  • Administration or Recognized Security Organization (RSO) issuing the vessel International Ship Security Certificate with respect to the ISPS Code
  • Date vessel ceases to be registered with a flag administration

Minimum Safe Manning Certificates (MSMC) 

The Certifications Department is also in charge of issuing certificates that reflect the minimum levels of manning necessary for the safety of navigation and operation of vessels.  The Administration has issued minimum safe manning policies through its Marine Notices, using the guidelines contained in IMO Resolution A.1047(27). Minimum safe manning will be assessed on a ship-by-ship basis upon submission of the MSMC application to the Administration.


Ship Radio Station License

The Certifications Department, in compliance with Regulation ITU S18, issues a Ship Radio Station License to all Liberian flagged vessels equipped with transmitting stations. Upon initial registration into the Liberian Registry, all vessels are issued a temporary, 90-day, Radio License. Before the temporary license expires, all vessels are required to submit an application for issuance of a Permanent Radio license. The Permanent Radio License is valid for four years and is subject to expiration on June 30th of the fourth year.  A new Radio License must be reissued if there are any changes to the following:

  • Name change
  • Change of Management
  • Activation or Deactivation of Insmarsat #’s
  • Epirb Hex. ID #’s

For additional information, please contact:

Ms. Anita Yei Quee, Manager, Certification Services Department
22980 Indian Creek Drive, Suite 200
Dulles, VA  20166 USA

Tel: +1 703 251 7561
Fax: +1 703 790 5655
Email: vesselcertificates@liscr.com

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