Authorized Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC)

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Private Maritime Security Companies authorized by the Liberian Maritime Authority for providing Privately Contracted Security Personnel onboard ships in the high-risk areas
PMSC Country Issue Date Expiry Date Letter of Acceptance
ALFA Marine Protection Ltd British Virgin Islands 28-Oct-2022 27-Oct-2023

Al Safina Security Services Ltd Cyprus 27-Sep-2022 26-Sep-2023

Ambrey Limited United Kingdom 14-Aug-2023 16-Aug-2024  
Black Pearl Maritime Security Management Limited United Kingdom 18-Aug-2023 16-Aug-2024  
Britannia Maritime Security Ltd United Kingdom 14-Sep-2022 13-Sep-2023

Diaplous Maritime Services Ltd Cyprus 07-Aug-2023 09-Aug-2024  
EOS Risk Management Limited United Kingdom 09-Sep-2022 08-Sep-2023

ESS & SA Maritime B.V. The Netherlands 31-Aug-2022 30-Aug-2023

ESC Ltd Estonia 23-Aug-2023 02-Aug-2024  
Forte Maritime Security Ltd Cyprus 18-Aug-2023 28-Aug-2024  
HR Maritime Consultants United Kingdom 08-Aug-2023 31-Jul-2024  
Interarma Ltd Cyprus 28-Aug-2023 23-Aug-2024  
LSS - SAPU Cyprus 23-Aug-2022 22-Aug-2023

Marine One Private Limited Sri Lanka 02-Sep-2022 01-Sep-2023

Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd United Kingdom 24-Oct-2022 23-Oct-2023


Maritime Defence Force Ltd
British Virgin Islands 24-Aug-2023 30-Aug-2024

Neptune P2P Maritime Security Holdings Inc United Kingdom 31-Aug-2023 21-Aug-2024  
Premiumfocus Nautilus Ltd Cyprus 24-Aug-2023 16-Aug-2024  
Protection Vessels International Ltd United Kingdom 12-Sept-2023 11-Aug-2024  
Rokada Security Services LLC St. Kitts and Nevis 01-Sept-2023 29-Aug-2024

Salama Fikira International Ltd. Maritius 09-Sep-2022 08-Sep-2023

Sea Guardian S.G. Limited Greece 09-Aug-2023 18-Aug-2024

Seagull Maritime Ltd Malta United Kingdom 07-Aug-2023 07-Aug-2024  
Seagull Maritime Ltd UK United Kingdom 07-Aug-2023 07-Aug-2024  
Secure A Ship Limited United Kingdom 28-Aug-2023 15-Aug-2024  
Sinoguards Marine Security Ltd Hong Kong 27-Sep-2022 26-Sep-2023

Triaena Maritime Security Limited Cyprus 27-Jul-2023 27-Jul-2024  
United Guards Services Limited Cyprus 18-Aug-2023 16-Aug-2024  
Universal Maritime Solutions (BVI) Limited British Virgin Islands 01-Aug-2023 07-Aug-2024  
Zeal Global Maritime Solutions Limited United Kingdom 31-Aug-2023 25-Aug-2024  
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