Apply for QUALSHIP 21

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The Liberian Registry has been admitted to the United States Coast Guard’s QUALSHIP 21 (QS21) program for 2019-2020. QS21 recognizes vessels and flag States which have successfully met specified safety and quality requirements and regulations when calling ports in the United States.

The QS21 program is a quality incentive program to which only a small percentage of foreign-flag ships calling at US ports are admitted, based on the excellence of their port state control record. The USCG developed QS21 to provide an incentive for well-run, quality ships and ship operators. Designated ships are recognized and rewarded by the USCG for their commitment to safety and quality.
“A quality vessel is associated with a well-run company, is classed by an organization with a quality track record, is registered with a Flag Administration with a superior Port State Control record, and has an outstanding Port State Control history in U.S. waters.”
– “QUALSHIP 21 - Frequently Asked Questions”, the USCG
For companies that believe their vessel(s) qualify for the USCG’s QUALSHIP 21 Program, you may apply via the USCG website beginning on July 1st, 2019.

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