Exceptional service is not optional

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Benson Peretti’s recent appointment as the Liberian Registry’s Senior Vice-President, Global Services allows him to work even more closely with the Liberian Registry’s clients around the world and with the Registry’s service team at headquarters. 
He says, “We have such strong technical and operational teams of industry experts, and to be able to work closely with them on a daily basis is not only a pleasure, but a privilege. Our teams work continually to improve service delivery. Whether we are working for seafarers or shipowners, and irrespective of whether we are dealing with rapidly changing regulations or adding another ship to the registry, the entire team remains dedicated to service, safety, and fleet quality.
“We truly believe that providing good service is not optional; rather, it is our duty.  
As the shipping industry evolves, so too will our service delivery.  Our procedures and practices will be adjusted efficiently in line with changes in demand within the industry.”
Spending the early part of his career serving at sea on commercial and naval ships instilled in Benson the quality that all seafarers need – the ability to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Benson adds, “Moving from the sea to a shore-based role as a regional manager with the organisation also improved my understanding of the service requirements of the industry.  Now, to be at the head office and to see it all from the inside, I can appreciate just how efficient and experienced this organisation is. We solve problems and resolve compliance issues, which is what you would expect from seasoned maritime professionals who understand the business of shipping and corporate structures.”
Benson says, “I feel fortunate working for the Liberian Registry. Our reputation for providing great support, and our proactive philosophy, together with our ability to implement new technology and to provide innovative solutions to industry issues, will ensure that we continue to enhance our services, thus demonstrating why the world’s leading shipowners choose Liberia.

“We always listen to our customers, and to our own people. We welcome feedback, and I encourage anyone who wants to share their thoughts and ideas to contact me directly at Benson.Peretti@liscr.com.  My door is always open.

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