Tim Keegan, Vice President of Safety, Retires

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Tim Keegan retired this July after 23 years at the Liberian Registry as the head of the Marine Safety and Security Divisions. Words are not enough to recognise and honour Tim for his years of service to the Registry. Tim has been a stalwart of Liberia’s Marine Safety Programme, guiding shipowners, ship operators, class societies and the Registry’s regional managers in implementing international regulations and proactive compliance, while training many employees from around globe.

Tim has seen many changes during his tenure at the Liberian Registry, while developing lifelong friendships along the way. Tim joined the Liberian Registry in 1996 after discussions with Tony Dupree, Liberia’s VP of Technical, and Captain John DeLeonardis, who is no longer with the Registry, peaked his interest in the organisation. A few years later in 1999, its founder, Yoram Cohen, established LISCR and the months leading up to this new vision for the Registry were interesting times. Mr. Cohen established LISCR with a more innovative, creative and rewarding culture; Tim shared this vision and knew he could help grow the company. 

“Those first few years were challenging and rewarding,” Tim remembers, “as we established excellent working relationships with the vessel operators, inspectors and class societies.” Together with LISCR’s original team, the Registry successfully gained the trust of stakeholders, and in particular, the vessel operators. The Registry gradually added more staff, including Captain David Pascoe in 2003, and many others who have now been with Liberia for decades. Their collective talents helped to expand the fleet from less than 1,800 vessels to more than 4,000 vessels, and with a combination of excellent customer service and outstanding innovative programmes, they continue to enhance the Registry’s quality reputation to what it is today.

Tim Keegan says, “I remember attending the Conference of Contracting Governments in London during December of 2002 where I contributed to the development of the International Ship Security Code.” Tim developed the ISPS training programme, and later, with Alphard Romero, expanded to include ISM audit training for Liberia’s inspectors. Tim continues, “In addition to ISM and ISPS audit services, we expanded the plan approval services from SOPEPs and SMPEPs to include SSPs, BWM Plans, STS Plans, VOC Plans and Garbage Management plans. We now offer a number of additional services to assist our vessel operators.

“I am very proud to have contributed to the establishment, growth and positive reputation of LISCR and the Liberian Registry,” Tim continues, “it is the Quality Ship Registry. I will miss the day-to-day contact with my co-workers and our vessel operators, but I am looking forward to the next adventure. I am confident as I leave the management of the Safety Department to Josiah Toepfer.”

When Tim reflects on the past 23 years, he remembers the hard work, the lessons learned, the people and the value of having a positive and enthusiastic group of colleagues, co-workers and great vessel operators.

“Fair winds and following seas.”

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